Multicultural Student Affairs is housed on the second floor of the Student Services Building in Suite 2080.

In MSA, you'll find a computer lab where you can print, comfortable couches to relax or study, coffee to give you a caffeine boost, and the MSA staff members available to assist you.

Cultural Centers

Cultural Centers are spaces where students can find community, build collaborations, engage in scholarly dialogue and organize to challenge systems of oppression. At Iowa State, we offer two cultural centers that students can reserve and utilize, the George A. Jackson Black Cultural Center and the Memorial Union Multicultural Center. Right now, a new MSA office space is under construction. Stay connected for more information!

Go to that event, attend that seminar, or join that club that slightly interests you. Getting out of your comfort zone will be more rewarding than you think and along the way you can meet people in your community to support you.

Jisela, MVP Scholar

Learn the History of Cultural Centers at Iowa State

Iowa State University's multicultural students have found spaces for growth, learning, connection and fellowship in our cultural centers for decades.