Three students walking outside MCC

The primary mission of the Multicultural Center is to develop a sense of community between students, staff, and faculty of color on the Iowa State University campus.  The overall intent of the Center is to create an environment where awareness of one's cultural identity and a deeper understanding and respect of others' differences with respect to culture, are readily accepted and embraced.

4 Desktop computers with printer access

A comfortable lounge with 40" flat screen  TV

2 private reflection rooms which can be reserved at this link (2-3 people will comfortably fit in this space)

Student affinity spaced for APIDA, Latinx, and Indigenous students are also housed in the Multicultural Center. These spaces are managed by the Asian Student Union (ASU), Latinx Student Initiatives (LSI), and United Native American Student Association (UNASA)

The art philosophy of the Multicultural Center is to embrace, express, and celebrate the diverse cultures of Iowa State University and create a welcoming space for students. Furthermore, the Multicultural Center will inspire pride, support, and love through cross cultural experiences and dialogues.

Two students studying together and laughing

See You at the MCC